"Hot and Cold and Complicated", Harry/Draco, R

Title: Hot and Cold and Complicated
Author: [info]train_tracks
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: soft R
Word Count: ~400
Disclaimer: I don't own much of anything, least of all anything having to do with Harry Potter.
A/N: This is for [info]adventdrabbles and prompt #19: Yule log.

Draco harrumphed, snapped his fingers, and snuffed the flame in the hearth.

"What are you doing?" said Harry beside him on the sofa.

"It's too hot in here."

"That's the Yule Log," Harry said. "You don't snuff the Yule Log. It's the Winter Solstice and we're celebrating the return of the light after the darkest day of the year, Malfoy." He snapped his fingers and brought the fire back to life, going back to his reading.

"You're not celebrating. You're reading 'Transfiguration Today'. And it's bloody hot in here." He snapped the hearth dead again.

Harry snapped it back. "It is not."

"It is." Snap.

"Is not." Snap.

"IS!" Snap. "Silenc—"

"Expelliarmus!" Harry beat him to it. Then: Snap.

"Oh you bloody--!" Draco huffed.

"Merlin's knickers, you're going to pout aren't you?"

"I do NOT pout," said Draco…pouting.

"Fine," Harry said. He snapped his fingers and only his side of the Yule log blazed to life, leaving Draco's side cold and grey.

"What the hell is that."

Harry didn't bother answering.

"That's stupid, Potter."

Harry smirked a little bit. "Potter," he said under his breath. Then, "If you're still overly warm, I suggest you strip naked."

Draco stared at Harry a moment. And then he did exactly that, ripping his shirt over his head, dancing in place until he had trousers and pants off, then he threw them across the room haphazardly. He tossed his socks Merlin knew where and then sat his bare arse down on the sofa, resting an ankle on his knee rakishly.

Harry stared at him.

"What? I did as you suggested. It's quite lovely, thank you."

Harry smiled. "You mischievous, pompous—"

"Go on."

Harry grabbed him and dragged him close, lying back with Draco on top of his clothed body. "…beautiful, sexy…" He unzipped his trousers and fished out his rising cock. "…glorious, unbe-bloody-lievable…"

But then Draco straddled him, fisted both their cocks and pulled, and Harry surged up to bite his bottom lip before he kissed him, pulling him down, grabbing Draco's arse with both hands and bucking.

He laughed against lover's lips, their hearth half fire, half ash – hot and cold and complicated like they were.

Harry snapped his fingers, and the lights went out, and they made love in the play of glow and dark.


Mmm, lovely last line!
Thanks!!! :-D
I agree with Draco. It IS hot in here.

Awww, thank you! :-D

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