"Sugar Plum", Lily Luna, Scorpius, PG

Title: Sugar Plum
Author: [info]train_tracks
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Lily Luna, Scorpius
Rating: PG
Word Count: 310
Disclaimer: I don't own much of anything, least of all anything having to do with Harry Potter.
A/N: This is for [info]adventdrabbles and prompt #18: Nutcrackers.

Lily Luna wet the heels of her pointe shoes at the water fountain, stepped into the rosin box, and then sent up a prayer to Morgana. "Please let the finger turns work tonight."

She walked into the shadows of the third wing, stage right, and warmed her calves in the boom's light. Three little Angels gawked at her from where they sat watching. She spared them a thin smile but was too nervous to do more.

"Hey," he said behind her, as though he'd Apparated there.

"Hey," she answered, not bothering to turn around. She shook out her calves and listened to the last overwrought strains of Waltz of the Flowers. She could hear the corps girls breathing one breath, their effort undetectable to the audience.

He put his hand at her back. "We could magic them, you know."

"I already told you, Scorpius. No magic. I've busted my arse for this." She sent an apologetic look the Angels' way.

Applause rose up from the auditorium, and she took a deep, shaky breath.

"Just be there for the arabesque, all right?" she said one last time.

"Isn't your family in the audience tonight?" he responded.

"Just shut it," Lily warned.

"All right. You can count of me, Lils," he said in her ear.

Then the audience stilled, a kinetic hush falling over them. The first resonate harp chords sounded. Scorpius took her hand in his, and they walked out from the wing, the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Nutcracker Prince. The spotlight struck her. She went up in fifth as the strings began, did a grande ronde du jambe into a ponche, Scorpius' hands confident at her waist.

And everything else, including magic, melted away. Nothing existed but her and the orchestra. There was nothing but the way the music felt inside of her. Nothing but pure joy.


December 2013



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